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Private and group classes, where you will learn about singing, rhythm, guitar, flamenco history and flamenco communication.

SINGING (Private Class - 1h)

Class goals and means :

  • Improve your technique and find your distinctive voice during one-on-one sessions

  • Learn traditional melodies or popular songs

  • Get comfortable with Flamenco rhythm and hand-claps (palmas)

  • Discover the origin and meaning of the style (palo) you're studying.

  • Personal training for a show, a recording or for pleasure

  • If you also play guitar : bring it with you! You'll learn the essential chords and rhythmic patterns to accompany singing and dance.

How much does it cost ?

  • At your house or in a studio in Montreal : CAN$60

  • At my house in Villeray, Montreal, or online : CAN$50

  • Outside of Montreal : contact us


  • Dive into the different styles (palos) : history, structure, themes and variations.

  • Sing the essential melodies, play the essential rhythms, acquire the essential vocabulary

  • Audio and written content

Prerequisites : no singing background is required

Advantages : very useful for dancers and guitarists who wish to know cante and history of Flamenco



Sunday, July 7th, 11:00-14:00 : Seguiriyas y Tonás

Sunday, July 14th, 11:00-14:00 : Bulería de Utrera y Lebrija

Price : $80 per workshop or $150 for both workshops

Where : Studio Sol, 372 Ste Catherine West, #127

Write to me if you want to participate!

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