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Sixto Rodriguez - I Think of You

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Sometimes the simplicity of a song is what goves it its emotional power. Sometimes, in order to describe the nostalgia of lost love, you only need three chords.

Sixto Rodriguez is decidedly one of those who can say a lot, using few means. His song "I Think of You" pierces through my heart everytime I hear it and everytime I playit - which is not the case with all the songs I play.

Therefore, I wanted to immortalize my love for this singer-songwriter in a humble cover with two voices and two guitars.

I hope you will like it!


Here are the lyrics :

Just a song we shared, I'll hear

Brings memories back when you were here

Of your smile, your easy laughter

Of your kiss, those moments after

I think of you,

And think of you

And think of you.

Of the dreams we dreamt together

Of the love we vowed would never

Melt like snowflakes in the sun

My days now end as they begun

With thoughts of you,

And I think of you

And think of you.

Down the streets I walked with you

Seeing others doing things we do

Now these thoughts are haunting me

Of how complete I used to be

And in these times that we're apart

I'll hear this song that breaks my heart (Personally I prefer to sing "I'll sing this song...")

And think of you

And I think of you

And think of you

And think of you

And I do


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